Realizing comfort fit
by our delicate cut and sewing.


Fabric check-ups for an accurate finish

After being delivered from the dyeing factory, the fabrics are relaxed for several days before cutting. Our fabrics are so delicate that even subtle changes due to seasonal variation of temperature and humidity can affect its condition. Therefore, fabrics are always checked before cutting to assure accurate measurements.


Patching together the components

The cut pieces are hand sewn using a flat steamer sewing machine. This machine sews seams smoothly so that they lay flat on the material, which contributes greatly to the comfort level of C3fit.


Preventing errors from carrying forward

C3fit inspections are extremely strict. Our philosophy here is not that "there should not be any mistakes at the end"; but that "flaws should be eliminated in every single process and should be prevented from carrying forward."


Maintaining the high quality of completed products

C3fit products such as Performance Long Tights, Performance Calf Sleeves, and Arch Support High Socks are all certified as general medical device in Japan. Factories authorized to manufacture such devices are limited, and all products must be packaged in the factory and completely sealed to maintain quality until received by the customer.

Promoting Japan's high quality sewing technology from castle town Shimabara

The master-level sewing professionals at our associate factory hail from the castle city of Shimabara. There, beneath the ancient castle walls, they excel at their craft, maintaining superior quality control and employing Japan's state of the art sewing technology.