A simple pattern
designs function.


Balancing compression and comfort

C3fit offers the most precise compression and degree of comfort. This was achieved through trial and error and the invention of the crescent design. The crescent design allows for optimal movement at the knee.


Over 100 prototypes are made through trial and error

C3fit products aim for a fit so comfortable that you forget that you even have them on. To achieve this goal some components are reduced to lessen seams, while maintaining a three dimensional design. Adjustments are drawn on a prototype to ensure the accuracy of compression and elasticity by testing which will lead to perfection.


Before and after check using a 3D scanner

Prototypes and finished C3fit products are human fitted and 3D scanned. 200 to 300 thousand areas on the body are scanned to gather sufficient information. Legs were scanned before and after wearing C3fit, and in the morning and afternoon, to accurately evaluate effects in swelling reduction.


Analyzing muscle movements using a high-speed camera

A subject running on a treadmill in a climate-controlled room is filmed using a high-speed camera to test product performance. Several markers are attached to analyze muscle movements. Such data helps with both the analytical and subjective study of the C3fit gear.

The spirit of research and development that is Cultivated in the land of its origin

In the Oyabe city of Toyama prefecture is the Goldwin Technical Center, where C3fit was invented. Goldwin continues its 60 plus years tradition of inventiveness by actively developing new highly quality products in this center.